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The North Shields Business Chamber is a community of business owners and leaders.

Our membership includes representatives from all of the diverse business sectors in North Shields and the surrounding area. We share our knowledge, experience and connections for the benefit of other members and work collectively as the voice of business in our area.

Chamber Members
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The Chamber represents the business community in an area that spans six North Tyneside Wards (Chirton, Collingwood, Cullercoats, Preston, Riverside and Tynemouth) and takes in the majority of the NE29 and NE30 postcodes.

Our members

Our inclusive membership consists of sole traders, partnerships, companies and charities. They come from well-established organisations and from startups. Some members run businesses that are exclusively online, some are based at home, and others have premises in our region.

And whether you see your business as B2B or B2C, we’re all living and working P2P – that is, person-to-person.

Working with members

Working with members

The Chamber supports its members by providing a comprehensive range of membership benefits.

Member feedback is crucial to our activity. Two-way communication is established through our regular newsletters, bulletins and events.

Benefits for members include:

Working for members

The Business Chamber tackles issues on behalf of its members, presenting a united front, dealing with the many challenges faced by businesses in our town.

Whatever the size of your organisation, the policy decisions from both local and national Government impact on us all. The Chamber works with its members to tackle key issues and ensure that the voice of North Shields business is heard by the key decision-makers and influencers.

Responding to local matters. We help our members understand what’s going on in the local economy to help them make informed decisions for their businesses.

Planning ahead for success. The Chamber’s links to local Government provide early insight into local development and growth opportunities.

Ensuring businesses are heard. We provide representation to the Council and the Business Forum, building connections and responding to policy decisions.

Extending our influence. The Chamber is regularly consulted on local matters and our input ensures that North Shields is seen and heard.

Managing the Chamber

We operate a simple management structure with a committee formed by three officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – and nine other members. All committee members are volunteers and give their time freely. There are no paid employees of the Chamber.

The individuals on the Committee serve as the first point of contact for members and they meet regularly to discuss the feedback.

Members of the Committee sit on the boards of other groups and organisations to fulfil the other role of the Chamber, namely to represent the views of the collective membership. As the voice of our business community, the Chamber is consulted regularly on local matters.

Our management committee

Standing the test of time

The Chamber has represented its members for more than 100 years. Formerly known as the North Shields Chamber of Trade and Commerce, it used to work exclusively on behalf of retail business in the town.

But in recent years the Chamber’s reach has been expanded to include all types of businesses operating in North Shields, Tynemouth and surrounding villages.

In July 2022 the Chamber changed its structure and became the North Shields Business Chamber Community Interest Company.

Logo for the NSCTC

Logo used for the NSCTC

Re-designed logo incorporating the ‘Business’ name change.

Stronger together

Throughout its existence, the North Shields Business Chamber has proved that our businesses are stronger and our collective voice is louder when we work together.

If you own or manage a business in North Shields, Tynemouth or surrounding area (or if your business is registered in the town), we welcome you to apply to become a member of the Business Chamber.

Complete the online application and play a part in building our business community.

Stronger together