Lou Laggan

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Your Business

Have you ever wanted to: 

  • make your team more effective?
  • improve communication between members of staff and departments?
  • connect with staff and customers more powerfully?
  • boost your ability to make sales, negotiate and persuade?
  • make better presentations?
  • motivate others and share your vision?
  • overcome objections and obstacles?


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then it’s time you considered Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve your business.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Essentially NLP is an enhanced form of ‘brain training’ that gives us the ability to understand how we think, how we communicate and how we behave, and how we combine those aspects and how we can alter them to increase our performance and achieve our goals.

NLP enables practitioners to change their own thoughts and feelings as well as the thoughts and feelings of those around them in a predictable way. 

It enables more effective communication by enabling people to be shifted to receptive emotional states, as well as getting the raw content of the message across accurately and powerfully.


So what does that mean for your business?

NLP is intended as a means of unlocking personal potential and improving performance.

This is achieved by removing psychological barriers that would normally prevent us from pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

NLP helps us develop confidence to overcome beliefs that would normally limit us; it’s as if it gives us a safety net whilst we allow ourselves to achieve more than we ever believed we were capable of.

Back to your business – what impact would it have on your business if you were able to increase the confidence, morale, performance and productivity of yourself and your team? 


Improved inter-personal skills, increased emotional intelligence and using powerful language patterns to empower you and others. NLP helps you maximise non-verbal communication and fine tune your senses regarding others in order to achieve successful outcomes.


When you’re more attuned to your own state and to your team you become much more effective as a leader and communicator.

Very often people are unaware of the assumptions they make in the language they use and are thus unaware of how those assumptions make other people feel. Shifting the way you communicate can make people feel more at ease, happier and more motivated. 


One aspect of NLP teaches you how to reduce stress levels when speaking in public. Fear of public speaking is the world’s most common phobia, and people with massive talents and much to give often find public speaking to be a huge stumbling block. 

Being comfortable in front of others is only the beginning of how NLP can be used. People with NLP training behind them are aware of the way their emotional state impacts the state of the audience; they’re able to bring their own state to an optimal level, bringing the audience along with them to make a real and lasting impact.

Confidence and Presence

Utilising all or a combination of NLP techniques leads to greater confidence and presence, maximising your ability to communicate more concisely, identify and be clear about what really matters to you and create compelling goals.

  • Master your emotions – Calmly collate relevant information under pressure.
  • Remain calm, focused and thorough at all times
  • Instant confidence and motivation – Maximise your presence in business situations.  Remain self assured during critical negotiations
  • Use language with greater precision – Clearly articulate your views and ideas with pinpoint focus.  Create compelling and persuasive arguments.
  • Change unwanted behaviour in yourself and others – Manage teams more effectively.  Motivate and inspire staff everyday.


Sales and Negotiation

Most people don’t recognise that there is a particular structure to the way that positive negotiations work. Removing doubt, reframing objections, sharing a vision, setting out a positive course of action and enthusing people to follow that course are all included in the techniques taught in NLP training.

All of this comes from being able to recognise the client’s particular state or partner and help them move to the desired state of agreement and approval. State awareness of yourself and others is absolutely central to closing any sale.


If you’re ready to take your business and personal performance to the next level, ready to make a long-term investment in yourself and your business, then join us for our NLP Diploma and Practitioner training.  

Full information is available here: NLP with Jacci & Lou

Lou Laggan

Lou is an Executive Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP certified by The Society of NLP, a full professional member of The Association of NLP (ANLP) as well as The Association of Coaching.

Learning and Development is one of Lou’s passions and, with over 25 years’ experience in that field, she is a talented and creative trainer.  Lou describes the training room as one of her ‘happy places’ and loves nothing more than taking delegates on a journey that will empower them to realise their potential.

As an independent coach and trainer since 2015, Lou has added Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Coaching to her offering.  NLP remains at the centre of her coaching offering and she now specializes in supporting clients to recondition their brain, equipping them with strategies to make long-term, sustainable changes in their lives.

Lou is known for her pragmatic, creative, no-nonsense approach combined with a healthy dose of humour and a passion to help others thrive.  Oh, and you can expect home-made cake and watch out for the bear!

Contact Lou via Lou@LouLagganCoaching.co.uk

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