Community Survey

Town Centre Recovery: Community Survey

Thank you to everyone who spared a few minutes to take part in the People & Places business survey. The results are being collated and we hope that we’ll receive their report to share with you very soon.

So that was the business side of things…now comes the community side with the launch of a new survey that seeks the views of local people on our North Tyneside town centres.

Once again the survey is being carried out by the People & Places Partnership and has been commissioned by North Tyneside Council in conjunction with VODA and the North Tyneside Business Forum.  The findings will be discussed widely with community groups and businesses as part of deciding future priorities for local town centres.

In some ways, this survey is possibly more important than the business survey because it will give some indication of what our customers and our local communities require from our businesses.

So we’re appealing for your help to get as many people as possible to complete the survey.

Please could you share the survey with your customer list, Facebook followers or through your other social media channels? As with all surveys the greater the number of responses, the greater accuracy of the data gleaned from them.

The deadline for completing the survey is 12th April.

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